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A Letter from Dr. Kohn

Hello from Dr. Kohn,

I hope everyone had a wonderful summer and are off to the start of another great school year.

I wanted to thank everyone for all their well wishes while I am away from the office.

As you may or may not be aware, I had surgery on my right dominant thumb in February.  After years of repetitive movement, and a poor family history, I had severe arthritis in this thumb.  I have been out on disability since my surgery.

I am currently being treated with occupational therapy and I am in good spirits but I have still not regained the fine motor skills needed to perform Pediatric Dentistry.  It has been a long road of recovery.

Dr. Melena Evancho Parlette has been doing a fabulous job holding down the practice.  I do not know when, or if, I will be able to return to practicing chairside treatment.  I appreciate all the cards, emails and well wishes that have been sent to me and I am very grateful to everyone.

As you know, our practice strives for excellence in every aspect.  I would never return to work until I am able to continue this excellence.  Although I am working hard with my therapy, my prognosis is unknown at this time. Dr Evancho Parlette has taken the lead clinical role in the office.  For now, I am providing administrative support, and am still a consultant to the practice and involved in major decisions.

I hope you understand this difficult decision.  I thought that I would give you an update as to what is occurring in our practice.   As always, the care of your children is of utmost importance to us at Dentistry for Kids.  I am confident that Dr. Evancho Parlette is continuing that high standard of care.  She is an amazing dentist with great clinical skill and, more importantly, one of the finest people that I know.

Thank you all for your support during this difficult time.   My doggies and I miss you all!

With heartfelt love,

Dr. Shari C. Kohn